FA Beacon Platform (FABP)

Onboarding Support

The FA Beacon Platform (FABP) onboarding component is a feature capable of providing support across investment products and services. This is achieved via a fully integrated document management system, coupled with a robust compliance segment, all delivered via a flexible service model which caters to the needs of our clients and users.

Document Management

The ability to move application items from initial receipt on through to the approval stage, assures our clients that we can efficiently and effectively process new applications in a timely and accurate fashion. Users are able to access all client documentation for source referral purposes if required at any given moment. The FA Beacon Platform (FABP) is capable of providing clients with a secure source for their investor and advisor records. Since access permissions are all controlled, we can ensure proper level of controls for client records.


Features like the automated World Check screening via web-based services speed up the AML approval process, while ensuring no detail is overlooked. FASVG strives to stay current on international compliance standards by working in cooperation with our clients on relevant regulatory changes affecting the clients we serve. Up to date rules to support FATCA and Common Reporting Standards (CRS) are a standard feature of the system with flexibility to support a customizable risk based approach set of compliance procedures to suit client specific standards.

Database Management and Reporting

The reporting component is designed to facilitate the aggregation and generation of information contained within FABP. With innovative features such as Database Management all aspects of the users experience have been considered.

The system can generate various reporting statements, with monthly, quarterly or annual statement frequencies. These statements are saved as pdf documents on the FABP and are available for download at any time by the client.

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